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Where are the best clubs in Paris? Bastille isn’t just the place where history was made; it’s also the center of nightlife in Paris! Where are the best clubs in Paris? Forget history, forget the art and whatnot, when the sun sets, and the night arrives, the once historically rich district will turn into one of the liveliest places in the city. In this article, you’ll get to know where are the best clubs in Paris. 

Where Are the Best Clubs in Paris: Metro Bastille

Where are the best clubs in Paris? Metro Bastille has lots of nightclubs, mix and traditional cafes, dive bars, and music venues. You can start bar hopping from Rue de Lappe to Rue de la Roquette. The traditional Salsa and Marenge dancing is huge thing if you’re going to go clubbing in Bastille. This is where French tradition meets the electrifying music of the 21st century.

The place is overcrowded almost every night, lots of people in their 20’s, and young professionals are mostly the people who come here. You can surely meet the next generation of France if you decided to go out for a night with your friends. Who knows, you might meet the next Napoleon!

Chic Parisians

Before Bastille became the nightlife center in the city of lights, Oberkampf is the coolest district to go to especially during the 90’s, and continues to be one of the best places to spend your night while you are in Paris. 

The people who usually go here are mostly young and chic Parisians. The district had a bit of bad reputation over the years because of its occasional rowdiness. This is also the hub of hipsters, and the place offers the most interesting clubs, bars, and restaurants in the city.

Hidden Paris

This district is one of the hidden facets of nightlife in Paris. It is located between Rue Oberkampf, and Belleville. If you seriously wanted to just go partying with your friends away from lots of tourists, then this place is a great ‘hideout.’

The district is full of bars that are cheap, lively, and it touches the 11th and 20th arrondissement in Paris. This district is also the hub or indi – punk rockers as well as musicians. It offers a mix of bars, night clubs, cafes, and also holds lots of exhibits, mini concerts (local and international startup bands), theatrical renditions as well as different film screenings.

The district of Marais is often mentioned either for the best accommodation areas, food and shopping district, and tourist spots. What makes this district more dynamic is because it is the place to be if you’re looking for diversity and equality – at night in Paris.

Belleville: LGBT Hub

This is the hub of the LGBT community; it’s also famous for being one of the beloved spots in Paris because everyone is welcome here with no judgment whatsoever.

Another unchartered territory by tourists, famous for being the birth place of the great Edith Piaf. Belleville district is a middle class community, and it has been a hub for nightlife in Paris. The place also attracts a mixed crowd from youngsters, young professionals, gays and lesbians as well as middle age adults. It will surely give you and your friends a memorable night and an authentic experience.

Young, Wild and Free!

Where are the best clubs in Paris? The coveted and famous district of Paris – the Champs – Elysées! Not just famous for its luxurious hotels and shopping malls, but also famous for its nightlife. If you’re tourists who have lots of money to splurge, you should definitely hang out in one of the bars and restaurants in Champs – Elysées at night. The place may not be recommended if you wanted to avoid lot of tourists and well Parisians alike. However if you’d like to party all night and hop from one bar to another, this is where you should go. The big – city experience of the high – end clubs will surely leave you wanting for more!

Pigalle: The Sex Center of Paris

Pigalle is famously known as the seedy sex center of Paris. It has lots of cool bars and restaurants where you can hang out after watching the Moulin Rouge. The Montmartre is another great place to hang out at night because it offers a somewhat less gritty ambience. You can find the most diverse themes of bars and music in both districts.

Grand Boulevard

The Grand Boulevard is located in the center of the 2nd arrondissement in Paris. It’s ready – to – wear shops and boutiques by day are no match to its ready – to – party lifestyle at night! Lots of Parisians and tourists also come down to this place to spend the night hanging out with their friends. This is the friendliest place you could go into especially if you’re still a student.

St – Germain – des –Prés

Where are the best clubs in Paris? Even if the right bank in Paris is the dead center of nightlife, people still come here to have a night full of fun and glamour. This is mostly a hub of students from the famous university in France the Sorbonne University. You can expect lots of students hanging out in this district, and also lots of tourists coming from nearby attractions. Get ready to splurge if you wanted to experience its night life!

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