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When’s the best time to go to Paris? The city of Paris has a temperate climate with mild winters and summers; the only possible event that can ruin your trip or postponed it is storms. Fortunately, storms are very predictable – thanks to weather channels and modern technologies. When’s the best time to go to Paris? Violent storms occasionally occur, usually during spring or summer. Of course, when there is one approaching the city, the government announces it on different media channels, which is why you should check the weather first before setting a date for your trip or booking a ticket. When’s the best time to go to Paris? There will be warning signals to alert the locals as well as international transportations that will be announced by the government.

When’s the Best Time to Go to Paris?

Spring Time

When’s the best time to go to Paris? This happens around March 21 to June 21. This is a great time to stroll in the park, visit the museums, and enjoy the scenery. The average temperature during spring is 10oC – 20 degrees Celsius.

Summer Time

This happens around June 21 to September 21. This is the time to enjoy various fests in Paris; there are lots of free films and concerts around the capital. Also the best time to have picnic in the park, and relax in café terraces while admiring the ambience of the city. Average temperature during summer is 23 degrees Celsius – 24 degrees Celsius.

Autumn Time

This happens around September 21 to December 21.The days are getting shorter, but the adventure is not. Tourists can enjoy major cultural shows, and fairs around the city. Average temperature during autumn is 15 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Winter Time

When’s the best time to go to Paris? This happens around December 21 to March 21. Christmas is in full swing, major shopping centers, and restaurants are all geared up for the holidays. The streets of Paris are all covered with glamorous Christmas decorations. Best time for shopaholics out there and a great opportunity to indulge in Paris’ best coffee shops. The average temperature during winter is 2 – 7 degrees Celsius.

Travel Basics

Communication Services

It is highly recommended that you acquire travel insurance before traveling to Paris. Inquire with your travel insurance company about the emergency coverage, contact numbers, and persons as well as the insurance policy. If you already have one, always carry with you the insurance policy and the insurance company hotline number for identification purposes in cases of emergencies.

Another central necessity that you need to have access to is the transmission lines and services. Obviously, when you get to another country, the mobile services, as well as internet services, will be different. Here are some things you need to keep in mind for you to be able to communicate effectively while in Paris.

Other Services

There are four operators in France; the whole country is covered by GSM 900, 1800, GPRS, and HSPDA network. Some European phones will work, while tourist phones from other countries may not. Be sure to check for the compatibility. It’s also highly recommended that you buy a cheap local sim card, so you can effectively communicate 24/7.

Who wouldn’t want to tweet or share online about their trip to Paris? Aside from staying connected, I’m sure everyone especially tourists can’t fight the urge to update the social media world and their online status regarding their whereabouts while spending time in the city of light!

Hot Spots

No worries, Paris got you covered. There are over 400 hotspots around the city particularly in the primary public locations and tourist destinations such as department stores, theme parks, gardens, centers, restaurants and dining places, hotels, transportation terminals, government buildings and public venues that are free! All you have to do is to open your Wi-Fi and connect to ‘Orange’ network so that you can have free internet access. Internet cafes are also available in various locations and you can find them easily.  

Speaking of Spots!

St. Germain des Pres is another great district that you should opt to stay in, while you and your loved ones are in Paris. There are lots of tourists in this area, and what’s great about it is that you can indulge yourself from its famous and long-time cafés, little French shops, and maybe have a chat with the people around; the streets are packed with interesting stories, so if I were you I’d really talk to them and get to know them.

Some of the attractions that are near the district are the Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame, and the Musée d’Orsay. Another great thing about this district is that it is home to the oldest and historic publishers and bookstores in France.

For all you bookworms and historians out there, it is highly recommended that you checked-in in this district so you can really satisfy your intellectual cravings!

Want to be Next Picasso?

There are also lots of artistic events such as art fests, exhibits, concerts, jazz clubs etc. that is constantly happening around the area. This district is the hub of writers and artists in Paris. You might get to meet the next Picasso or Hemingway here. It is located in the 6th district in Paris. We hope this article, answer your question, when’s the best time to go to Paris?

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