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What to know before travelling to Paris? Paris is widely known as the City of Light for two reasons; first, as mentioned earlier, Parisians who lived centuries ago were part of a European revolution called the Age of Enlightenment. What to know before travelling to Paris? This was the time when Europeans particularly intellectuals, and scholars as well as artists and philosophers began to advance a certain sense of ideals such as liberation, justice, religion, equality etc. that would later change and affect the way they live their lives and that of the world. What to know before travelling to Paris? The second main reason is simply because Paris was one of the first cities in the world to adapt gas street lighting that illuminated the different streets of the city in 1860.

The French Culture

Paris’ rich cultures were mainly influenced by its first residents – the Parisii. They came from a Celtic background, mixed with a Gallo-Roman culture. However, the city’s culture is also richly diverse and influenced by the Scandinavians, Romans and British. The city has now a population of over 2 million people, and in the European Union it is also the fifth largest municipality. What to know before travelling to Paris? French is the official language used by Paris’ residents, and it is also the second widely learned language in the world, although some will argue, that love is also its major language. Don’t worry though; there are also lots of people who are speaking in English and can understand it.

What to know before travelling to Paris? Parisians, and French people in general takes great pride of their country and its government, they get offended if foreigners insult or has a negative comment about their nation. They are also in general very passionate and romantic people; their attitude towards sex outside of marriage is accepted. They are mostly sophisticated, and they are the kind of people who appreciates beauty and style in the most regal manner.

Top Tourist Spots in Paris

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower can be found in Champ de Mars in the city of Paris. It is also known as La Dame de Fer (Iron Lady). The tower was named after Gustave Eiffel, and it was originally built as the arch entrance during the 1889 World Fair. It stands at about 1,050 feet tall or 320 meters, weighs 10,000 tons and it is made out entirely of iron. It is the tallest man made structure for over 41 years, before the World Trade Center in New York was built, and now has been surpassed by the Chrysler building also located in New York.

The Louvre Museum

What to know before travelling to Paris? The Louvre Pyramid and Museum is located in the 1st arrondissement in central Paris, near the romantic Seine River. The pyramid is made out of about 700 glass panes, and stands at about 20 meters with an area of 1,225 square meters. The museum was originally built around the 12th century, and served as a fortress to protect Parisians from Viking attacks. During the French Revolution in 1793, it then became a museum.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The cathedral of Notre Dame is located in the heart of Paris at the Ile de la Cite. Its proper name is Notre Dame de Paris or Our Lady of Paris. The grandiose architectural structure was built by many architects and engineers, as well as artists and sculptors from 1163 up to 1345. It was constructed for 182 years long! The building is about 140 feet wide, and 400 feet in length. It’s ‘twin towers’ are 200 feet with about 387 steps from the ground floor up to the highest level of the towers. It is also known as “The Forest,” because during its construction there are approximately 1,300 trees used, even if it is built out of stone. 

Seine River  

The Seine River stretches in the whole city of Paris; it is linked to the River Rhine, and River Marne as well as the waterways in Belgium. The Seine River has an area of 30,000 square miles. Many bridges such as Pont Louis-Philippe,
Pont Neuf, and Pont Des Arts are built over the river.

If you visited the world famous Seine River, you will definitely fall in love with the place because of its serene yet spectacular scenery. The horizon, the clear waters, the cruises, the river side, the lovers and the whole ambience of the place will surely bring out the romantic side of you. Famous for being the one of the hotspots for couples, the Seine River has more than 30 bridges that connect the city of Paris; the water is steady and very easy to navigate. It is very famous among tourists who wanted to cruise the city of Paris.

The Château de Versailles

The Château de Versailles can be found in the South West region of France in Ile de France. The palace was originally built in the 1600’s for King Louis XIV. It took more than 3000 people to construct the palace from the ground up. It is consisted of approximately 700 rooms, with roughly 1,200 fireplaces, and covers about 30,000 acres of land. The palace was the house of the French government for over 100 years starting in 1682 until 1789, when the French revolution began.

The Pantheon

It is located in Place du Panthéon Latin Quarter of Paris in the 5th arrondissement, and the building is over 272 feet tall. The Pantheon in Paris is from inspired from the Pantheon in Rome which means “every god.” What to know before travelling to Paris? The structure was originally built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, but today it is both used for religious functions and also as a burial place. The architect of the Pantheon in Paris is Jacques – Germain Soufflot. Unfortunately, Soufflot did not witness his final masterpiece because he died before the Pantheon’s completion. Nevertheless, the Pantheon became one of the greatest architectural buildings in the 18th century and it is also the first ever monument built in Paris during the Neoclassicism era.

The Paris Touch

What to know before travelling to Paris? Paris became known as the “city of love and romance” for many reasons, one of which is because of its “romantic” ambience – the beautiful glow of the Eiffel Tower at night, the romantic walks in the historic Seine River, the love padlocks in Pont des Arts, the fine dining, the exquisite architecture, the luxury hotels, and the sweet French people. The language of love mainly encompasses the whole city, which is why lots of tourists especially couples are attracted to go to Paris and spend time with their loved ones.

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