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When visiting Paris, it is important for you to know that the place, the City of Light and Love that you are visiting is known to be the best food city in Europe. Experiencing their inventive and diverse array of dining options is as magnificent as experiencing all of its tourist attractions. In addition to that, Paris is literally above all other places; as it also holds the title for best cafés culture in the world. It is acknowledged that no morning in the French capital is ever complete without the sip of their decadent espressos, pastries; bread with cheese, and yes, more espressos. Paris is home to writers; and painters that go to cafés to get their boost of inspiration and productivity, cafés here hold the most genuine ambiance; with genuine conversations with the locals. 



L’Astrance holds the title for one of the world’s best restaurants, which takes pride in their three Michelin stars, and offers an exquisite fine dining experience in Paris. Foods of L’Astrance are simple, yet made as sensational creations with flavors that will bring the party in your mouth. They also do not rely on salt, pepper, cream; and butter, but with flavorful exotic ingredients such as Miso and Chinese dates that bring uniqueness and utmost decadent for their cuisines. 


Joia was founded by the Best Female Chef, worldwide, Helene Darroze. This is the manifestation of Darroze comfort foods in her homeland, which she then creatively merged into the French Basque Country, moreover; made extra flavorful and irresistible by integrating numerous global flavors. If you were to visit; their roasted chicken, such as the fusion of matcha and crêpes millefeuille is definitely something you will regret missing. To satisfy your thirst; you are one lucky traveler as they also hold one of the unique wine lists in Paris, that are made by their talented female winemakers. 

David Toutain 

Interesting and bold, David Toutain is known for serving locals and travelers alike with cuisines that are inventive; and beautifully presented. Their menus are changing from time to time, making the flavors associated with it unexpected, yet unfailingly delicious. Ever heard of grilled eel with black sesame sauce? How about egg yolk that is drizzled with cumin caramel crème? These two are Toutain’s pride, and its taste will linger for a lifetime. 

Aux Bons Crus 

There’s no Paris with Aux Bons Crus, this traditional Paris bistro holds the classic Paris roadside restaurant ambiance and flavor, their foods are characterful; homely, flavorful, and speaks the classic, old; timeless French flavors. It is hands down, the most affordable yet will serve you the most Parisian dining experience, as though you are merging with locals. 

La Bourse et la Vie

Old recipes are here to stay; La Bourse et la Vie is a gem, for preserving the traditional French cooking, making travelers to experience French’s comforting classics such as veal pot-au-feu and roasted chicken; as well as their famous steak frites that are undoubtedly unmatched and the best, anywhere in the city. 


Coutume Café 

Coutume Café, located in the fancy 7th arrondissement of Paris, is the local’s peaceful haven. Its homey atmosphere is ultimately relaxed, with great classic French decorations. Their coffee is well known for its well-crafted flavor using intricate ingredients, with pastries, brunch, and lunch foods that are very fresh and a misfortune to miss. 

KB Cafeshop 

Want a connoisseur shot of caffeine? Get it fixed to this beautiful artsy place, KB Cafeshop. Coffee is considered an art form in this magnificent place; and is famous for it, attracting thousands of international crowds yearlong. They pride themselves in their well-crafted espresso, which has balanced sourness and bitterness. Their ingredients are well sought of, which ensures their coffee stands out among others. Moreover, they also offer flavorful selections of cookies, muesli, juices, and smoothies. 

Republique of Coffee

Burritos and quesadillas will surely make your morning if you decide to spend it with Republique of Coffee. Their interior is a dream to be surrounded with, it captures the big French glass windows; with charming Parisian furnishings, with flowers all over the place. Their coffee is well-crafted and old-fashioned, and that added to their wide range of breakfast food selection? This is what heaven looks like on earth. 


Old school Parisian café by day, that transforms into a cutting-edge cocktail bar by night; Cravan sure does bring a contemporary; modern coming-of-age touch to the classic French culture no amount of advancement can tear. This café is decorated with nouveau decor, with an original counter that is interestingly considered as a protected historic site. What you should not miss is their milky coffee; and whatever, flavorful sandwich; and parking yourself out of their terrace will give you the genuine feel of what it’s like to be straight out of a Parisian romantic film. 

Strada Café

Delicious affordable caffeine fix; matched with its beautiful aesthetic ambiance is what made Strada Café one of the best, and a classic when it comes to café selection. They serve flowery coffee, with healthy breakfast, brunch, and lunch food options that have unfailing deliciousness in them; fresh and made with natural ingredients only. You could spend a day here; without realizing how many times has passed because of how well you can blend with locals; and immerse yourself in observing them, moreover conversing with one. 


I am equally certain that as you finished reading this; we are both equally eager to book a flight and experience all the restaurants and cafés we have shared discussing. I hope your next trip to Paris; or your first time on it will be filled with these ten beautiful places. Remember, it is unfortunate to even think twice of going to them. 

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